What Are The Common Problems Encountered during CNC Processing in Large CNC Processing Plants?


During the CNC machining process of parts, we often encounter some problems that may lead to unexpected products. Especially for friends who have just started working, they often encounter machining problems and machine failures. Today, the editor of a large CNC machining factory will briefly summarize what problems are encountered during CNC machining of parts?

1. The workpiece has a large and small taper phenomenon: the machine tool is not placed horizontally properly, with one high and one low, resulting in unstable placement. When turning a long shaft, the contributing material is relatively hard, and the tool has a deep bite, resulting in the phenomenon of giving way to the tool. The tailstock ejector pin is not concentric with the main shaft.

2. The machining effect of the arc is not ideal, and the size is not in place: the overlap of vibration frequencies leads to resonance, and the machining process; Unreasonable parameter settings, excessive feed speed, causing arc machining to lose step; Looseness caused by large screw clearance or loss of step caused by excessive tightening of the screw, and wear of the synchronous belt.

3. There is a phenomenon of increasing or decreasing in each process of the workpiece: programming errors; Unreasonable system parameter settings; Improper configuration settings; Mechanical transmission components have regular and periodic changes in failure.

4. Unstable size changes caused by the system: unreasonable system parameter settings; Unstable working voltage; The system is affected by external interference, resulting in system out of step. A capacitor has been added, but the impedance between the system and the driver does not match, resulting in the loss of useful signals and abnormal signal transmission between the system and the driver; System damage or internal failure.

What we can do to address the above issues is to conduct inspections in advance during CNC machining in the future to avoid the occurrence of these issues.
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