Fine Boring Tool

The fine boring tool is a precision cutting tool used in machining operations to achieve extremely accurate and precise holes with tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. Fine boring is a process used when high levels of accuracy and finish are required, often in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and tool making.

Key features and aspects of fine boring tools include:

Accuracy and Tolerances: Fine boring tools are designed to achieve very tight dimensional tolerances and high levels of accuracy. These tools are capable of producing holes with precise diameters and minimal deviation from the intended specifications.

Surface Finish: Fine boring tools create smooth and high-quality surface finishes inside the bored holes. This is essential for applications where parts need to fit together precisely or where friction needs to be minimized.

Stability and Rigidity: Fine boring tools are designed for stability and rigidity to minimize vibration and deflection during the cutting process. This helps maintain accuracy and prevents the tool from deviating from the desired path.

Adjustability: Many fine boring tools are adjustable, allowing machinists to fine-tune the diameter of the hole within small increments. This adjustability is crucial for achieving precise dimensions.

Multi-Edge Inserts: Fine boring tools often use multi-edge carbide inserts with precise cutting geometries. These inserts can be rotated or replaced when they become worn, extending the tool's life.

Modularity: Some fine boring systems offer modularity, allowing for various boring heads and extensions to be combined to reach different depths and hole sizes.

Coolant Delivery: Many fine boring tools have provisions for coolant delivery directly to the cutting edge. This helps in chip evacuation, cooling the cutting zone, and extending tool life.

CNC Integration: Fine boring tools are commonly used in CNC machining centers, where the tool's movement is controlled by computer numerical control for utmost precision.

Fine boring tools are employed in various scenarios, such as when existing holes need to be adjusted for precise fits, when multiple holes need to be aligned with high accuracy, or when complex geometries need to be machined. The choice of tool depends on factors such as the material being machined, the required tolerances, hole diameter, and depth.


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Big Adjustable Fine Boring Head

Big Adjustable Fine Boring Head

Qianchui big adjustable fine boring head is a specialized tool used in machining to accurately enlarge or refine existing holes in large workpieces while offering adjustability for different hole sizes and fine adjustments. This type of tool is commonly used in industries like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more, where precision and flexibility are essential.

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Fixed Eccentric Fine Boring

Fixed Eccentric Fine Boring

Fixed eccentric fine boring is a precision machining process used to accurately enlarge or refine existing holes in a workpiece, but with the added aspect of eccentricity. As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Fixed Eccentric Fine Boring. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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