Big Adjustable Fine Boring Head
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Big Adjustable Fine Boring Head

Qianchui big adjustable fine boring head is a specialized tool used in machining to accurately enlarge or refine existing holes in large workpieces while offering adjustability for different hole sizes and fine adjustments. This type of tool is commonly used in industries like manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more, where precision and flexibility are essential.

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Product Description

The big adjustable fine boring head is often used when:

Large workpieces need accurate hole enlargement or finishing.

A range of hole sizes needs to be accommodated using a single tool.

Fine adjustments are necessary to achieve precise dimensions.

High precision and surface finish are required.

When using a big adjustable fine boring head, operators can change the diameter setting of the tool by adjusting the control mechanisms, allowing for flexibility in hole sizes and the ability to achieve precise tolerances. These tools require careful setup and proper understanding of the adjustment mechanisms to ensure accurate results.

As machining technologies evolve, it's important to stay up to date with the latest tool advancements and best practices to optimize your machining processes.

Big Adjustable Fine Boring Head Specification

boring head model blade seat Boring Range D effective lengthL blade model
CKB1-EWN2036 ENH1-1 20-26mm 30mm TPGT080202
ENH1-2 25-31mm
ENH1-3 30-35mm
CKB2-EWN2547 ENH2-1 25-33mm 35mm
ENH2-2 32-40mm
ENH2-3 39-47mm
CKB3-EWN3260 ENH3-1 32-42mm 49mm
ENH3-2 41-51mm
ENH3-3 49-59mm
CKB4-EWN4174 ENH4-1 50-55mm 50mm TPGT080202
ENH4-2 51-66mm
ENH4-3 64-79mm
CKB5-EWN5395 ENH5-1 52-75mm 60mm
ENH5-2 70-92mm
ENH5-3 89-111mm
CKB6-EWN68150 ENH6-1 68-100mm 70mm
ENH6-2 95-128mm
ENH6-3 120-155mm
CKB6-EWN100203 ENH6-1 100-153mm 70mm
ENH6-2 126-179mm
ENH6-3 150-203mm

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