Carbide Drill Bits For Hardened Steel
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Carbide Drill Bits For Hardened Steel

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Product Description

Carbide Tipped: Carbide hammer drill bits are typically made with a hardened steel body that features a carbide tip or insert at the cutting end. The carbide tip is extremely hard and wear-resistant, allowing it to handle the abrasive and dense nature of masonry materials.
Reinforced Design: The carbide tip provides the necessary hardness to penetrate through hard materials, while the steel body of the drill bit provides durability and strength to withstand the impacts from the hammer drill.
Impact Resistance: These drill bits are specifically designed to handle the percussion forces produced by hammer drills or rotary hammers. The impact action helps break up the material as the drill bit rotates, allowing for efficient drilling in tough surfaces.
Versatility: While primarily used for masonry materials, some carbide hammer drill bits can also drill into other materials like wood or metal, although they might not be as efficient as purpose-built bits for those materials.
Cooling and Lubrication: When drilling into masonry materials, carbide hammer drill bits can generate a significant amount of heat. It's important to use water or a suitable lubricant as a cooling agent to prevent the bit from overheating and becoming damaged.
Various Sizes and Shapes: Carbide hammer drill bits come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the right bit for the hole diameter you need.
Safety Considerations: When using carbide hammer drill bits, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and hearing protection. The use of a hammer drill or rotary hammer can create substantial vibration and noise.
Proper Technique: To achieve the best results and prolong the life of the drill bit, use proper drilling techniques, including applying steady pressure and allowing the drill bit to do the work without forcing it excessively.
When selecting carbide hammer drill bits, consider the type of material you're drilling into, the required hole diameter, and the hammer drill or rotary hammer you'll be using. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for usage, maintenance, and safety precautions to ensure effective and safe drilling operations.

Carbide drill bits for hardened steel are specialized cutting tools designed to efficiently drill holes in materials that are exceptionally hard, like hardened steel. Hardened steel is a tough and abrasive material that can quickly wear down conventional high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits. Carbide drill bits, with their superior hardness and wear resistance, are the preferred choice for drilling into such challenging materials. Here's more information about these drill bits:
Carbide Material: Carbide drill bits for hardened steel are typically made from solid carbide, which is a composite of tungsten carbide particles and a binder material (often cobalt). This combination results in an extremely hard cutting edge capable of cutting through hardened steel without becoming dull too quickly.
Geometry: These drill bits often have specialized geometries and point designs that are optimized for cutting into hard materials. The geometry helps to efficiently remove material while reducing cutting forces and heat buildup.
Heat Resistance: Carbide's ability to withstand high temperatures makes these drill bits suitable for drilling hardened steel, which generates a lot of heat during the drilling process.
Coolant or Lubrication: When drilling into hardened steel, coolant or lubrication is usually recommended to manage heat and extend the tool life. Proper cooling prevents the drill bit from overheating and ensures consistent cutting performance.
High Cutting Speeds: Carbide drill bits can be used at higher cutting speeds compared to HSS drill bits, resulting in faster drilling operations and improved productivity.
Precision and Accuracy: These drill bits are capable of producing precise and accurate holes with tight tolerances, which is crucial when working with hardened steel in industries like manufacturing and engineering.
Various Sizes: Carbide drill bits for hardened steel come in various sizes to accommodate different hole diameters and applications.
Safety Considerations: Drilling into hardened steel can generate a significant amount of heat and sparks. Ensure you're wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses and protective clothing.
When using carbide drill bits for hardened steel, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cutting speeds, feed rates, coolant/lubrication usage, and safety precautions. Additionally, pay attention to the drill bit's condition and replace it if you notice signs of wear or decreased performance. Proper tool maintenance and adherence to best practices will help you achieve successful drilling operations in hardened steel and other challenging materials.

Carbide Drill Bits For Hardened Steel Specification

specifications Adjustable blade diameter range
Knife handle size annex
L1 L2 L3 D2 D3 screw wrench
DTZ-10/1049-4D-C16 10.00~10.49 111 47 48 16 24 M2.0x9.5 6IP
DTZ-10/1099-4D-C16 10.00~10.99 111 47 48 16 24
DTZ-11/1149-4D-C16 11.00~11.49 115 51 48 16 24
DTZ-11/1199-4D-C16 11.00~11.99 115 51 48 16 24
DTZ-11/1249-4D-C16 12.00~12.49 120 55 48 16 24 M2.5x10.9 7IP
DTZ-12/1299-4D-C16 12.00~12.99 120 55 48 16 24
DTZ-13/1349-4D-C16 13.00~13.49 124 59 48 16 24
DTZ-13/1399-4D-C16 13.00~13.99 124 59 48 16 24
DTZ-14/1449-4D-C20 14.00~14.49 134 63 50 20 28 M3.0x12.8 8IP
DTZ-14/1499-4D-C20 14.00~14.99 134 63 50 20 28
DTZ-15/1549-4D-C20 15.00~15.49 138 67 50 20 28
DTZ-15/1599-4D-C20 15.00~15.99 138 67 50 20 28
DTZ-16/1649-4D-C20 16.00~16.49 143 72 50 20 28
DTZ-16/1699-4D-C20 16.00~16.99 143 72 50 20 28
DTZ-17/1749-4D-C20 17.00~17.49 148 77 50 20 28 M3.0x14.7
DTZ-17/1799-4D-C20 17.00~17.99 148 77 50 20 28
DTZ-18/1849-4D-C20 18.00~18.49 154 81 50 20 28 M4.0x16.7 15IP
DTZ-18/1899-4D-C20 18.00~18.99 154 81 50 20 28
DTZ-19/1949-4D-C20 19.00~19.49 159 86 50 20 28
DTZ-19/1999-4D-C20 19.00~19.99 159 86 50 20 28
DTZ-20/2099-4D-C25 20.00~20.99 174 92 56 25 35
DTZ-21/2199-4D-C25 21.00~21.99 178 96 56 25 35
DTZ-22/2299-4D-C25 22.00~22.99 183 101 56 25 35
DTZ-23/2399-4D-C25 23.00~23.99 187 105 56 25 35
DTZ-24/2499-4D-C25 24.00~24.99 196 110 56 25 35 M5.0x20.6 20IP
DTZ-25/2599-4D-C32 25.00~25.99 207 114 60 32 42 M5.0x22.6
DTZ-26/2699-4D-C32 26.00~26.99 211 118 60 32 42
DTZ-27/2799-4D-C32 27.00~27.99 216 123 60 32 42
DTZ-28/2899-4D-C32 28.00~28.99 220 127 60 32 42
DTZ-29/2999-4D-C32 29.00~29.99 225 132 60 32 42
DTZ-30/3099-4D-C32 30.00~30.99 229 136 60 32 42

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